Ramsey NJ Day 2007

by | Mar 23, 2017 | Ramsey NJ

Ramsey Day 2007
A blast from the past. Found these Ramsey Day photos as I was managing some of my older photo folders. Now that it’s 10 years later, a lot of the kids in the parade are in college, a lot of the high school kids are done with college – hopefully they have good jobs – and they might already have kids of their own. Some of the older people may have already passed. Photography is cool that way, capturing a moment in time and freezing it in time while reality keeps getting older. I lived in Ramsey for around 50 years and I went to a lot of Ramsey Days. They’re really great for the kids as the tots have kiddie rides, and there are carnival type games for all the grade school and high school kids. Everyone wins at these games, lol. The food which is not covered in these pics is extensive. There are about 20 vendors with all the family favorites like grilled to order hamburgers, cheeseburgers, hotdogs, pork rolls, pizza, sushi, fried dough, ice cream, and plenty of cold drinks. Click any of the thumbnail images below to bring up the slideshow. Cheers !!