Google Supporting Another Fraud Site !!

by | Feb 27, 2022 | Internet

Google supporting another fraud Ark Invest site

Here we go again, on Sunday 2-27-2022 I was surfing around and I found Google promoting and supporting yet another fraud “ARK Invest” site on YouTube.

I checked again hours later and there it was, illegally pretending it was a live cast of Elon Musk and that idiot Jack Dorsey telling people to go to (please do NOT go there) to give Bitcoin or Ethereum and have it “immediately” doubled and returned. Fraud that should be shut down by Google and the FBI since it’s got to be totaling big numbers…

Why does Google seemingly allow this illegal activity to go on? Maybe because Elon Musk is critical of many of big tech’s policies. That’s right, Google and other big tech are fast to de-platform anyone who utters conservative values or anything negative about the horrific Pfizer Covid “vaccines”. It’s very clear Google will continue to allow fraud sites to diminish the reputation of Elon Musk at the same time instantly punish others for telling the truth when it’s in opposition to the demo”rat” party narrative.