About Mal

Hello everyone – I’m Mal Milligan and this page is the short version of “about me”.

Some personal factoids:

  • I’m a former Senior Technical Officer and Supervisor of Network Operations for 2 investment bank world headquarters in Manhattan.
  • I’ve been using Photoshop professionally since 1993 and I’ve been shooting real estate photography since I graduated from the New York Film Academy in 2010.
  • Picked up a NJ Real Estate license in 2012 and my NY Real Estate License in 2016.
  • I shoot with Nikon professional gear and I also use Manfrotto, Tamron, Adobe, PhotoMatix.
  • A long time ago I was in the US Navy Submarine Service serving as a Primary Navigational Plotter on the USS Augusta (SSN-710) and a crew member on the USS Stonewall Jackson (SSBN-634 Gold).
  • I graduated from Ramapo State College of NJ with a B.S. in Management Information Systems.

This is me leaning on my new old work vehicle back in Ramsey, NJ.

Some Q & A:
Can you hire me to build a website?

  • Right now, I basically just build sites for myself, and I do some pro bono consulting on projects that I find interesting. Most of these would be in the non-profit community service areas. If you have an interesting non-profit website that serves the community and you need some help with your website, feel free to contact me using the contact form on this website and we’ll chat. So the short answer regarding commercial webdesign jobs is “not at this time”. lol.

What sets me apart from other real estate photographers?

  • I produce magazine quality work on every single job.
  • I’m super reliable with appointments.
  • Real estate agents and builders in the past have used me once and made me their permanent photographer for every future job.
  • Homeowners – especially in multi-million dollar properties – usually like me immediately, but when they see my finished work, they are blown away by a level of quality they probably have never seen before. They are also suitably impressed with their agent for obtaining the highest professional standard for their listing, well beyond their level of expectation.

Besides real estate photography, what other types of photography do you do ?

I do event photography (outdoor and indoor), travel, nature, architecture, experimental, hockey, food, and products. So I don’t do portraits or weddings.

Thanks for reading… Cheers !!

Graduated from the New York Film Academy - concentration: digital editing.

Graduate – New York Film Academy – concentration: digital editing.

NYIP New York Institute of Photography

NYIP New York Institute of Photography – continuing education.

Graduate – Ramapo College of NJ – B.S. in M.I.S.

Graduate – Bergen Community College – Certificate Programs in Web Design and MacroMedia / Adobe